Mühldorf camp

Mühldorf was a site where Organisation Todt (OT), part of the Armaments Ministry, had built vast semiunderground concrete bunkers with production sites for fighter aircraft. Many prisoners were infected with vermin because of the lack of washing facilities. As a consequence, typhus and typhoid fever spread quickly.
Yet despite this, Ernst experienced milder conditions here than in other camps.


Shedding Their Nazi Skin

EXCERPT FROM THE LONG NIGHT Journey to Mühldorf Death march from Grünwald “Now, suddenly, the Kapos and the SS treated us surprisingly decently. Despite the difficulty we had in understanding…
KaposMühldorf campSS

Milder Mühldorf

EXCERPT FROM THE LONG NIGHT Mühldorf Prisoners constructing Mühldorf camp “There was not the same regime of terror in Mühldorf, unlike that which I had experienced in Grossrosen, Flossenbürg and…
Mühldorf campYellow star
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