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Noemie Lopian – Holocaust Educator and Campaigner

Noemie Lopian is the founder of She is the daughter of Holocaust survivors Dr Ernst Israel Bornstein and Renee Bornstein. Noemie lived in Germany until the age of 13 before moving to Manchester, England. She qualified as a GP and for the last few years has dedicated her time to educating and commemorating the Holocaust, continuing the legacy of her parents.

“Too many young people today are unaware of the atrocities carried out during WWII and I have a passion about educating and restoring humanity in our culture and society.”

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bornstein family photo

Noemie, brother Alain, Monterh Renee, father Ernst and sister Muriel. In New York for a wedding in 1974. You. The Long Night. Noemie Lopian. Shot by CLaire Wood on 10.05.16

Noemie has spent the last 5 years translating her father Ernst’s memoirs into a book called The Long Night.

The Long Night has been featured in the BBC, ITV, Daily Mail and The Express and includes a foreword by Rt Hon David Cameron and Lord Finkelstein.

For comments, interviews, talks and appearances, please contact Noemie Lopian by email on or use the form provided below:

Looking for Naomi Lopian?

If you are looking for Naomi Lopian, you are not far off! Noemie Lopian (pronounced noy-mee) is the daughter of Holocaust survivor, Dr Ernst and Renee Bornstein, and has given new life to her father’s story in a book published called The Long Night. Noemie is contactable at this email address and will respond quickly to your questions or enquiries:

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