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“It is a great pleasure to be able to recommend the Holocaust Matters website. Based on the experiences of Ernst Bornstein, visitors can learn about the complexity of the Holocaust and the convoluted trajectories of suffering endured by so many of its victims.”

Dan Stone, Professor of Modern History and Director of the Holocaust Research Institute at Royal Holloway University of London


“Holocaust Matters is an important digital innovation that will keep the words of a remarkable Holocaust survivor, Ernst Israel Bornstein, accessible and alive for generations to come. As well as being an exceptionally detailed historical source, Holocaust Matters is an ideal tool for students, and others, to explore the spiritual, moral and ethical questions that the Holocaust poses.”

Ruth-Anne Lenga, UCL Centre for Holocaust Education


“Holocaust Matters is a well-designed and really useful Holocaust resource which allows us a detailed insight into daily life and death in the camps which Ernst Israel Bornstein survived. Such a resource will be of great benefit to students of the Holocaust.”

 Dr Gilly Carr, Senior Lecturer and Academic Director in Archaeology, University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education


“Holocaust Matters is a powerful digital resource for both students and the wider public, enabling them to explore the complex history of the Holocaust through the remarkable story of Ernst Israel Bornstein, whose words and experiences shed new light on little known or forgotten aspects of the Holocaust.”

Martin Winstone, Education Officer, Holocaust Educational Trust

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