Holocaust Matters draws upon The Long Night, Ernst Bornstein's account of surviving seven Nazi labour and extermination camps.

Holocaust Matters offers a window into the realities of Hitler's Holocaust and stimulates new perspectives on universal themes such as intolerance and standing up to injustice. 

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“You should read this crucial testimony. It is a terrifying personal account of an unspeakable clinical horror, all the more powerful for being told with remarkable self-restraint.” 



of students incorrectly believe that the largest number of Jews murdered during the Holocaust came from Germany (correct answer Poland) 


of students incorrectly think that the largest number of killings of Jewish people took place in Germany (rather than German-occupied Poland)


of students recognised that Auschwitz was explicitly connected to the Holocaust, however knowledge of other camps such as Treblinka and Bergen-Belsen was very limited.

SOURCE: What do students know and understand about the Holocaust? Evidence from English secondary schoolS, Institute of education, University college london, 2015