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23rd June 2023 – The Totteridge Academy, Barnet, London

17th July 2023 – Noemie Lopian and Derek Niemann, Lord Grey Academy in Milton Keynes For The Commemoration of Bosnian Genocide

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Welcome to Holocaust Matters

Holocaust Matters showcases carefully curated extracts from the book The Long Night, the vivid memoirs of Dr Ernst Israel Bornstein who survived seven Nazi labour and extermination camps. Our website serves as an important resource for Holocaust education around the world.

Noemie Lopian and Derek Niemann

Interviewed on WW2 TV

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ww2 tv

Renee Bornstein

Renee Bornstein (wife of Ernst Israel Bornstein), Holocaust Survivor, awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for services to Holocaust education and commemoration (June 2021).

As Seen On

BBC 1’s My Family, The Holocaust and Me

Upcoming Talks

23rd June 2023
The Totteridge Academy
Barnet, London


17th July 2023
Noemie Lopian and Derek Niemann
Lord Grey Academy in Milton Keynes
For The Commemoration of Bosnian Genocide

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Inspired by The Long Night, the memoirs of Ernst Israel Bornstein, a Holocaust Survivor

Explore universal lessons and themes from The Long Night


Learn about key historical topics through Ernst’s experiences

Search by location. Journey through seven camps and other places

Find out about the seven camps Ernst survived

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Ernst’s life story

Ernst Israel Bornstein was born in Zawiercie, Poland in 1922. He was the oldest of four children. He was educated in Jewish schools and was an talented student who spoke German, Yiddish and Polish. He was incarcerated in seven concentration camps, enduring the infamous “death march” until finally being liberated by American soldiers near Lake Starnberg in Bavaria on 30 April 1945. His parents and two younger sisters perished at Auschwitz…

About Holocaust Matters

Holocaust Matters is an interactive educational tool for anyone interested in the Holocaust including schools and those with a professional or personal research interest. It is run by the family of Holocaust survivor Dr Ernst Israel Bornstein to showcase excerpts of his memoir ‘The Long Night’ which tells of his miraculous survival from seven Nazi labour and death camps during World War II…

“You should read this crucial testimony. It is a terrifying personal account of an unspeakable clinical horror, all the more powerful for being told with remarkable self-restraint.”

— Jonathan Dimbley, Writer and Broadcaster

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