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Prisoners constructing Mühldorf camp [Stadtarchiv Mühldorf am Inn]

“There was not the same regime of terror in Mühldorf, unlike that which I had experienced in Grossrosen, Flossenbürg and Fünfteichen. From the outside, my new camp resembled Grünheide, the first camp I was in. However, the barracks were surrounded by barbed wire, but there were no high watchtowers, nor were there the twofold electrified wire fences.

Individual guards outside the fence kept watch. Here the atmosphere was less strict than the sadistic concentration camp regime we had come to fear. To our astonishment, camp inmates wore their own civilian suits with yellow stars stitched to the front and back.  Compared to us most of them were well-nourished. They led us in groups to the wash-barracks where we were able to wash ourselves thoroughly with soft soap.”

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