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We were free

By 19th May 2017November 1st, 2018Friendship, Psychology, SS, Survival, Zawiercie


“At the end of April the Nazis wanted to transfer us to the Tyrol Mountains, in order to destroy us there. They packed us into boxcars and transported us to the direction of Munich. While we were in transit, the Americans mounted an offensive and captured the train tracks. We were free.

We left the boxcars. We, the Zawiercie residents – Stützky, the Tzimbler brothers, Moshe Chaim Goldstein, Osher Passerman and a son of the baker from “Small-Zawiercie” whom we called “ Rontschkele” – kept together. We went over to a farmer and procured some food. Outside the American and German soldiers were engaged in battle. After a short while the SS entered the farm and drove us out of the house.

When we came outside we saw another group of SS murderers taking a group of Jews and killing them. The SS men, who had taken charge of us, drove us back into the train wagons. On the way to the wagons, they shot the boy who was always ready to help, Moshe Chaim Goldstein, the good hearted Stützky and the young boy Rontschkele. They were buried in a mass grave together with other Kedoshim from the mass murder. The grave is situated 20 km from Munich, in a forest near the train station Poing.

In the morning we were liberated by the Americans. For a long time we remained standing by the mass grave where our Zawiercie brothers lay, who, even in extreme hunger, had shared their last potato with another. Sadly, they did not survive “the last minute before twelve”: they died twenty four hours before the actual liberation, when they could have become free men.”

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