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Hermann hides escape package for Ernst



“I had lost contact with Meister Hermann so I tried to make contact with him through acquaintances who still worked at Schallhorn. Hermann knew that I worked in hall 4 and could not leave because the exits were guarded by the SS. Despite the fact that it was dangerous for him to do so, he visited me a few times. Although I was very attached to him, I had to come to terms with the fact that we were now firmly separated. He gave me to understand that in the unlikely event of some shattering occurrence or revolution that might end the war (we hoped a revolution or some other event would end the war) I could still count on his help. The parcel that contained my civil clothes and underwear was still hidden in his hut. This also concealed the false passport with which I hoped to cross the border if I was able to escape.”

Remains of the Krupp Berthawerk complex in Jelcz-Laskowice. This is where Ernst worked whilst at Fünfteichen camp

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