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The Long Night Review by Holocaust Scholar Paul Salver

the long night review

Holocaust scholar Paul Salver has said of The Long Night by Ernst Israel Bornstein:

“What a powerful book on every level. As you said it is easy to read but the contents are not. I think, without doubt, that The Long Night ranks alongside Night by Eli Wiesel – a book that played a significant part in my interest in history as a teenager- in its power to enable the reader to understand the horror of the Holocaust on families and individuals. For me its power came from the fact it was written in the white heat of recent memory – just twenty years later for your father.When we think how we remember 2003 was for us and how it just seems like yesterday – helps you see how recent those events were for your father when he published it in 1967.

I also was fascinated by the testimony your father gives of the other camps like Flossenburg which are mostly a footnote in most accounts – so the book teaches you so much about the extent of the Nazi system of genocide ad slave labour.  In addition, it was thought provoking and challenging in the analysis of the trauma and psychology of survivors and survival.

I think part of your father’s speech  in a quote at Dachau in 1975 is important – and sums up what this book achieves -‘We shall pass on to our children and our children’s children all that we have seen and experienced'”


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