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EXCERPT FROM THE LONG NIGHT Journey to freedom “So I wish to close my report with the words of the ex- concentration camp inmate Professor Viktor Frankl. They are words that resound in his book, A Psychologist Experiences the  Concentration Camp: There is no luck on earth that could ever make up for what we suffered. It was nothing to do with luck. What sustained us through our suffering, sacrifice and was not luck. Nevertheless, on misfortune – one can barely focus. Many of those who were liberated found they could not escape the anguish of their experiences even in their new found freedom. For every liberated person there will come a day when, looking back on the totality of the experience of the concentration camp, will have a strange feeling: he will not understand how he was able to withstand the demands of life in the camps.”  

Muhldorf, Germany, Postwar, Gravestones in the military cemetery [Yad Vashem]

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